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The IT server is a computer program that provides a variety of services to other computer programs or users (on the same system or other system). In a more practical definition, a server is a network-connected computer, which, unlike other computers, is made in a number of different ways, for example, a user may have a server for sending and receiving emails, hosting websites, controlling and accessing Customers to the network and so on. One of the most basic features of the servers that separates them from each other is their uptime. On all the hosting sites, if you notice, you've seen this expression (99.9%), which means that almost never reads the server. If the server is out of reach (the 0% time limit), the company and its staff will face the problem so that it can safely be said that the whole company will be questioned. Another factor in distinguishing servers from each other can be the operating system installed on the server.

On the Web, the web server is a computer that provides services on HTML pages. Your computer's browser is actually like the user who requests HTML files from the web server.

The server can also be defined as a program that waits for a message from the user (on the same computer or another computer) to provide services to them (a computer for processing requests and transferring information to other computers (users) on one Local or Internet networks. Servers typically have an additional processor and memory to meet customer needs at times when traffic is high.


Cisco at a glance The American network of network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems was founded in 1984 by a pair named Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner. By completing the multi-protocol router software, Bozak was able to record the company's history as the first company to get the technology for producing these routers. Today, the largest Cisco routers are designed to guide IP packets and MPLS frames. In 1990, with the conversion of the company into a public stock exchange, the...


Dell EMC is an American multinational corporation located in Massachusetts, USA. Dell EMC's field of work is to provide data storage, information security, virtual cloud computing, and more. Dell's EMC goal is to provide a wide range of customers in And offers great suggestions for small to large companies. In the past, EMC, with its 70,000 employees, is the largest data warehousing provider with a large share of the market, EMC rivals such as HP, CISCO and IBM.


Hewlett-Packard Company with $ 538 million was opened by David Packard and William Reddington Hewlett in 1939. This little capital has been upgraded to about $ 90 billion after about 70 years and is currently operating in more than 160 countries. After time, the company created subsets and became one of the major pillars of the computer industry in the world, and is still pioneering the path to technological developments in the electronics industry. A subsidiary of HP, which began...


IBM company is one of the most renowned providers of computer equipment and services in the world, the company's business priorities are focused on the services it offers, providing more than half of the company's revenue. The company is also one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers and, as a result, large processing equipment, large and sensitive servers, as well as large storage facilities in the world.