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Nowadays, one of the challenges of big organizations is network failures, hardware and software problems, incomplete data and organization files, data backup problems and so on, that can lead to a complete suspension of the organization’s activities.Although, those problems may occur for a short time but the results will be detrimental and costly for organization Meftah virtual solutions provide customers with ability that, in addition to ensuring a secure virtual environment experience the pleasure of reducing the physical resources of network and integrated management .Successful account and satisfied customers show the company’s high power in implementing security and virtual solutions tailored to customer’s needs.

VMware products are designed and supplied to cover four requirements :

  • Testing and Development Environment
  • Server consolidation & containment and cost reduction
  • Desktop Management
  • Business continuity

Virtualization levels :

  • Server Virtualization level
  • Desktop Virtualization level
  • Application Virtualization level

Virtualization Services:

  • Network
  • Server
  • (Desktop (VDI
  • Storage
  • Application
  • OS & Cloud