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Maybe for you that the administrator of a network is an organization or a big company, you have to start a new program on your network, but to do this you need one or more new servers. A company that sells this software to you may ask you to provide a dedicated server, or you may want to ask your servers for fear that the new software will interfere with your previous software. Separate. In such cases, you should not only have to pay a lot of money to buy new servers, but you probably have to wait a long time to get this money, and this happens when you have servers that work with only 5 to 15% of Their true power! In such a situation, the best solution is to use VMware vSphere 4. With this method, in addition to the problem being solved easily, you will also have access to many other features. Where the number of servers is very high, such as the speed, the availability of a server and its services, the time taken to back up and restore, the amount of power consumed, how cool the servers are, the space required to maintain servers, the maximum use of servers, and Many other things matter to you. Managers and experts More than 3 million big-world networks use VMware's software development software, the latest and most complete product of VSphere, for this. The first difference that this software (ESX Server) has with its Workstation version is that it installs directly on your hardware and no longer requires an OS interface. This increases the speed of up to 70%.