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Hewlett-Packard Company with $ 538 million was opened by David Packard and William Reddington Hewlett in 1939. This little capital has been upgraded to about $ 90 billion after about 70 years and is currently operating in more than 160 countries. After time, the company created subsets and became one of the major pillars of the computer industry in the world, and is still pioneering the path to technological developments in the electronics industry. A subsidiary of HP, which began operating on November 1, 2015, is Hewlett-Packard (Enterprise) (HPE), a US-based investment company in the field of information technology and multinationals. HPE's centralized business division is divided into four main segments, including the Enterprise Group, which operates in the field of server systems, storage, and network services, software and financial services and consultancy services. The old Hewlett-Packard company was renamed HP Inc., and Hewlett Packard Enterprise was named Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. HP Co., Ltd. It is engaged in the production of personal computers and printers, while the new company trading under the symbol "HPE." Done. According to official documents in 2015, HPE income was slightly less than the company's HP. Products for the leading business Mftah Hardware Co. is one of the largest direct importers of HPE products in Iran and has 13 years of brilliant experience in this field.



The data is from Gartner's HP modular servers with a relatively high degree of performance and workload in Magic Quadrant for Modular Servers.

 Gartner Report


Comparison infographics between the 8th and 9th generation servers of the HPE company

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