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Fortinet's powerful company is one of the largest manufacturers of hardware and software firewalls. ForetGate is the ultimate goal to achieve complete security in the areas of (Firewall, Antivirus, Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), VPN, Web Filtering Antispam and Traffic Shaping), which is released under the name of FortiGate, which includes Unified Security Management Is. The UTM toughness of the Fortigate company offers the capability of collecting and organizing security over an organization's hardware, and enables small companies to migrate to UTMs at lower cost than simple firewalls, as opposed to Dangers such as malware, spam, Trojans, Dos, DDos, Phishing, and Parming are more secure. Meanwhile, large and medium organizations can implement a single-piece security system by using a centralized system management system Identification security based on layer 8, This device has access to affiliated companies and parent company branches. This company