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EMC History EMC was founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and Roger Marino. The company introduced its first 64K memory for the first computer in 1981 and developed a variety of memory for other computers. In the mid-1980s, the company paid more attention to storage types of computer data and network storage platforms than memory. Symmetrix was the main reason for the rapid growth of EMC in the 1990s, which resulted in the creation of value added for the company and its conversion from a company worth hundreds of millions of dollars to several billion dollars. In 2001, Joe Tucci was named executive director of EMC. He transforms the focus of the EMC business model from the storage operating system to a set of operating systems, software and services that enables the organization to provide credibility as a service through cloud computing. Under the leadership of Tachi, EMC reached $ 21.7 billion in revenue in 2012. In 2009, EMC and Cisco, by investing from VMware and Intel, launched a joint venture called VCE to develop products and services for infrastructure markets and convergent cloud computing. EMC's information infrastructure in the field of information storage equipment and software, comprehensive and comprehensive products such as EMC VMAX advanced storage equipment in the corporate category, advanced storage equipment EMC VNX in the middle to large and diverse range of products. And provide comprehensive backup in enterprise-based (disk-based) environments.

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Any organization with any business background is dependent on the time its data is accessed for processing and decision making. Organizations are now faced with increasing data and IT budgets and workforce growth while their storage devices are unable to meet current needs. For this reason, most organizations are constantly pressured to adopt a storage policy that can respond to this fast growth without imposing extra costs and with the organization's existing capabilities. Customers are looking forward to the makers of storage devices that innovate like virtualization servers to make the most of their hardware resources. In the case of storage devices, the only problem is the mere transfer of data to disk based on the amount of work activity, but the process is completely automatic and self-managed.

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The EMC VNX5100 is one of EMC's popular storages, which, given its capabilities and capabilities, can be ideal for low-level applications and small to medium sized businesses.

With its new architecture, the VNX5100 will take you to a new level of performance, security, integrity and ease-of-use. This small storage device is capable of storing 75 hard drive drives up to 150 TB capacity along with 4 GB of RAM and the Fiber Chanel communication system, Idea Choice Organic will hold your files.