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Cisco at a glance

The American network of network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems was founded in 1984 by a pair named Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner. By completing the multi-protocol router software, Bozak was able to record the company's history as the first company to get the technology for producing these routers. Today, the largest Cisco routers are designed to guide IP packets and MPLS frames. In 1990, with the conversion of the company into a public stock exchange, the stock market offered shares, and Bucac and Lerner withdrew from the company for $ 170 million. When the Internet exploded in 1999, Cisco acquired Cerent Corporation for $ 7 billion as the most expensive purchase. Purchasing and developing partnerships with other companies has led Cisco to reach the market for other network components such as Ethernet Switching, Remote Access, Branch Routers, ATM Banking Network, Security, Fire Wall, Internet Phone, and more. The company sells its products with three different brands Cisco, LinkSys and Scientific Atlanta. The products of this company can be divided into three categories: Enterprise, Small Business, Small Business, and Home Users. The company's Enterprise products include Borderless Networks, such as various routers, switches, wireless systems, security systems, WAN Acceleration and Media Equipment, as well as Centers Equipment Data and virtualization on the network, such as Unified Computing, Unified Fabric integration, Switching in Data Center Switching Data Centers and Storage Networking and Collaboration Services such as IP Phone And IP Video and IP NGN (Next Generation Networks). Also, the category of small business products, the lower category equipment in the field of routing, switching, security, VOIP and more. The category of consumer products under the brand name Linksys comes to the target market. Cisco currently employs a total of 36,222 people in the United States and 35,611 employees in other countries, with a market capitalization of $ 135 billion.

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