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In information technology, the back up process is to provide a version of the data that may be used to retrieve the original data after an incident and data loss. Backup is done with two goals. Its primary purpose is to restore the original data after data is lost, such as deletion or data failure. The second goal of backup is to retrieve data from previous times according to the user's data retention policy. The Backup program specifies how long the datasets will be stored.

Since the backup system has at least one copy of all data that has storage value, data storage requirements are significant. Organizing these storage spaces and managing backup processes is complicated. There are various types of data storage devices that can be used for backup processes.

Before the data is sent to its storage location, it must be selected, extracted and changed. There are several ways to optimize backup procedures. These methods include optimization for interacting with open files and live data sources, as well as compression, encryption and de-duplication.