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about Us

Meftah at a glance

Meftah Rayaneh Afzar was established in 2002 in “IT” field of the country with private sector investment in order to supply the requirements of economic and service enterprises. over the past years with effort of dynamic personnel and cooperation of valuable and loyal customers who were reliable partners, the company has been able to pave the way for growth and progress. Now, we are proud of supporting our customers owed to many years of experience and technical knowledge,dynamic human resources, collaboration with powerful global partners, by providing the state-of-the-art solutions in fields of data centers, security, network and infrastructure, cloud computing, virtualization, specialised training, equipment and services Meftah Rayaneh Afzar company succeeded to receive valuable and recognized certifications in the field with more than 50 full-time experts and dozens of part-time and project specialists.


Mission Statement

The mission of Meftah Rayaneh Afzar is to empower and improve its customers’ business processes through the provision of products, services and solutions based on modern information and communication
technologies, relying on the knowledge of its specialized staff and powerful partners. Superior quality, the utilisation of the state of the art technologies and constructive engagement with customers are some of the competitive advantages of the company. The company considers its human resource as a valuable asset and has committed itself to creating an active and dynamic environment based on continuous training and providing a competitive compensation package comparing with other similar organizations for the excellence and advancement of employees.



Till 2031, Meftah Rayaneh Afzar company, will be one of the top five companies on presenting new solutions and suppling specialized IT & ICT products, and provide superior technical & engineering services in this
area at the national level, this company assess with accuracy the actual customers’ needs through its exclusive strengths and offers them secure solutions at the global standard levels.



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Company resume

The continuous presence over the years of activity in the IT market has led Meftah to become one of the best in this field, and the evidence of this is the growing confidence of companies and large private and public organizations and industries in this company.