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Dell EMC Unity Learning Center

دوره آموزشی Unity Learning Center


خلاصه دوره

در این دوره دانش و مهارت لازم برای درک ویژگی­ها و نحوه عملکرد سیستم­های ذخیره­سازی Unity آموزش داده می­شود. آشنایی با سخت­افزار این سیستم، نصب و تنظیمات و نگهداری آن از سرفصل­های این دوره خواهد بود.


مدت زمان دوره

12 ساعت


پيش نياز دوره

پیش نیازهای لازم برای شروع این دوره شامل موارد زیر است:


  • Ethernet and TCP/IP networking
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Unix and Linux
  • Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks concepts
  • RAID protection concepts

اهداف دوره

آشنایی و تسلط بر موارد زیر:

  • Describe Unity and UnityVSA features and functionality
  • Identify hardware components and understand LED indicators
  • Install and configure Unity and UnityVSA
  • Perform administrative operations via Unisphere interface
  • Provision Block and File storage
  • Configure advanced storage features
  • Perform Snapshots and Replication data protection operations
  • Perform Block and File data mobility operations
  • Identify and replace failed CRUs
  • Use the best practices for optimizing system performance


لابراتوار مورد نیاز

برای برگزاری این دوره نیاز به در اختیار داشتن دو دستگاه Unity می­باشد.


سرفصل­های دوره

سرفصل­های این دوره شامل موارد زیر است:

  • Unity Fundamentals
    • Overview
    • Basic Architecture
    • Scalability and Performance Features
    • Efficiency Features
    • Data Security Features
    • Data Protection Features
    • Data Mobility Features
    • Management
    • Virtualization
    • UnityVSA
    • Specification
  • Hardware Fundamentals
    • Hardware and Component Redundancy
    • Disk Processor Enclosure (DPE)
    • Storage Processor Enclosure (SPE)
    • DPE/SPE Port locations
    • LED Locations and States
    • I/O Expansion Modules
    • Disk Array Enclosure (DAE)
    • Disk Drives
  • Installation and Initial Configuration
    • Racking, Cabling and Powering Up a Unity Storage System
    • Deploying a UnityVSA system
  • System Administration
    • Interfaces and Access Control
    • Basic Settings
    • Unisphere Support Configuration
    • Unisphere Alerts
  • Storage Provisioning
    • Storage Resources Overview
    • Block Storage Management
    • File Storage Management
    • VMware Datastores Management
  • Unity Storage Resources Access
    • Block Storage Access
    • File Storage Access
    • VMware Datastores Access
  • Advanced Storage Features for Block
    • FAST Cache and FAST VP
    • Unity Compression
    • Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE)
    • Host I/O Limits
  • Advanced Storage Features for File
    • IP Multi-tenancy
    • Advanced Static Routing and IP Packet Reflect
    • UFS64 File System Extension and Shrink
    • Lock and Rename Policies for Multiprotocol File Systems
    • File System Quotas
    • CEE and Event Publishing Support
  • Data Protection – Snapshots
    • Unity Snapshots Overview
    • Managing Snapshots
    • Using Snapshots
  • Data Protection – Replication
    • Unity Replication Overview
    • Managing Replication
    • Remote Replication Operations
  • Data Mobility – File Import
    • File Import Overview
    • File Import Configuration
    • File Import Operations
  • Data Mobility – Native SANCopy Import
    • Native SANCopy Import Overview
    • Native SANCopy Import Configuration
    • Native SANCopy Import Operations
  • Data Mobility – Local LUN Move
    • Local LUN Move Overview
    • Local LUN Move Configuration and Operations
  • Data Mobility – Unity DHSM Support with CTA Integration
  • Basic Maintenance
    • Unity Service Tasks
    • Unity Upgrades
    • CRU Replacement Procedures
    • Data-in-Place Conversions (DIP)
  • Best Practices
    • System Configuration
    • Storage Configuration
    • Data Services
    • Application Considerations

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